Chapter 5.13- Promotion Train

Luis likes to chatter about how everything is boring and how jokes are stupid.

Matias managed to break his laptop and I had to fix it. I did earn some handiness though.
Reyna has found her dad’s old hobby and likes to throw the discs around

She has become quite close with a new neighbour of ours, this is Leo French. They have been dating quite a while now and he asked her to be his girlfriend and she agreed, isn’t young love cute.

I am doing well at work, I got offered a position running the school whilst the principal was on maternity leave then when she returned they told me the district superintendent had retired and offered me the job, the education board was very impressed with my work. I agreed.
Sometimes presiding over all the schools in the area can be hard work, I am so lucky I have a loving husband who gives me back rubs
I had some sad news too, my mum died of old age.

We took a trip to the winter festival where we enjoyed having a seasonal picture done and doing some winter sports.
I am already 40, where has the time gone.

I wanted to move so we bought a empty lot and bluith this lovely house to live in with plenty of room to expand.

I also wanted a makeover so headed to the local salon and got a new hairdo.

I did some exercise in our home gym and improved my athletic skill


Chapter 1.12- Skill Bluilding

Mateo enjoys painting
Alex did some working out at the gym
He also improved his Athletic skill
He is becoming quite well known here
I did some working out at home so I could keep an eye on the children
I improved my athletic skill too
I cooked some spaghetti for dinner
Rosa found her brother’s tank, good thing he’s at school
Alex got a promotion
We kept the same babysitter as he is great with the children
Rosa playing in the toybox with the car again
She also likes to hide in there when it’s time for bed